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Título: Modern auditing : assurance services and the integrity of financial reporting
Autor(es): William C. Boynton, Raymond N. Johnson
Edição: 8th edition
Publicação: Hoboken, NJ : Wiley, cop. 2006
Descrição física: xx, 1036 p. : il. color 26 cm
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN 978-0-471-23011-3
Assuntos: Auditing | Decision making | Financial reporting
Veja também: Boynton, William C. | Johnson, Raymond N.
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Título: CB : consumer behavior : student edition
Autor(es): Barry J. Babin, Eric J. Harris
Edição: 8th edition, student edition
Publicação: Boston, MA : Cengage Learning, cop. 2018
Descrição física: x, 390, [32] p. : col. il. 28 cm
Contém: Part I: Introduction.1. What is CB and Why Should I Care?2. Value and the Consumer Behavior Value Framework.Part II: Internal Influences3. Consumer Learning Starts Here: Perception.4. Comprehension, Memory, and Cognitive Learning.5. Motivation and Emotion: Driving Consumer Behavior.6. Personality, Lifestyles, and the Self-Concept.7. Attitudes and Attitude Changes.Part III: External Influences.8. Group and Interpersonal Influence.9. Consumer Culture.10. Microcultures.Part IV: Situations and Decision Making.11.Consumers in Situations.12. Decision Making I: Need Recognition and Search.13. Decision Making II: Alternative Evaluation and Choice.Part V: Consumption and Beyond.14. Consumption to Satisfaction.15. Beyond Consumer Relationships.16. Consumer and Marketing Misbehavior.
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN 978-1-305-57724-4
Assuntos: Consumer behavior
Títulos relacionados: CB8 | Consumer behavior
Veja também: Babin, Barry J. | Harris, Eric J.
Localização: HF5415.32BAB/A (NSBE/NIMS) - 0070612018
HF5415.32BAB/B (NSBE/NIMS) - 0070622018

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Título: Information systems : process and practice
Autor(es): edited by Christine Urquhart... [et al.]
Publicação: London : Facet Publishing, 2018
Descrição física: xiv, 274 p. : il. 23 cm
Colecção: (iResearch)
Notas: Oferta realizada à Biblioteca em junho de 2018 pelo Dr. Hugo Ricardo.
Contém: This new book takes a holistic view of information architecture to offer information professionals a vital critical analysis of library and information service architecture with discussion of methods, tools, techniques, and trends.The editors argue that library assessment literature has primarily dealt with performance measurement and change management strategies, leaving little on the ways of looking at the process architecture of library and information services and on methods for business process analysis. Information Systems: Process and practice aims to fill that gap with a combination of theory and supporting case studies, written by an international line-up of contributors.This book: discusses research and methods that help libraries and information services work from strategic business objectives through to the organisation of processes that support the information services offered; opens a new area of research/investigation on the link between information behaviour research and information systems and architecture, illustrated by case studies and projects; uses introductory sections and chapter commentary from the editors to draw the discussions together.This will be essential reading for researchers in Information Science, specifically in the areas of digital libraries, information architecture and information systems. It will also be useful for practitioners and students in these areas seeking to understand research issues and challenges and to discover how they have been handled in practice elsewhere.
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN 978-1-78330-241-3
Assuntos: Academic libraries | Information architecture | Health information systems | Clinical data | Information services
Veja também: Urquhart, Christine | Hamad, Faten | Tbaishat, Dina | Yeoman, Alison
Localização: ZA3157URQ (NSBE/NIMS) - 0070642018

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Título: Big data, little data, no data [recurso eletrónico] : scholarship in the networked world
Autor(es): Christine L. Borgman
Doc. electrónico: Ebook (PdF)
Publicação: Cambridge, Mass. ; London : The MIT Press, cop. 2015
Descrição física: xxv, 383 p. : il.
Notas: NOVA IMS Ebooks collection (EBSCOhost)
Resumo: An examination of the uses of data within a changing knowledge infrastructure, offering analysis and case studies from the sciences, social sciences, and humanities.“Big Data” is on the covers of Science, Nature, the Economist, and Wired magazines, on the front pages of the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. But despite the media hyperbole, as Christine Borgman points out in this examination of data and scholarly research, having the right data is usually better than having more data; little data can be just as valuable as big data. In many cases, there are no data—because relevant data don't exist, cannot be found, or are not available. Moreover, data sharing is difficult, incentives to do so are minimal, and data practices vary widely across disciplines.Borgman, an often-cited authority on scholarly communication, argues that data have no value or meaning in isolation; they exist within a knowledge infrastructure—an ecology of people, practices, technologies, institutions, material objects, and relationships. After laying out the premises of her investigation—six “provocations” meant to inspire discussion about the uses of data in scholarship—Borgman offers case studies of data practices in the sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities, and then considers the implications of her findings for scholarly practice and research policy. To manage and exploit data over the long term, Borgman argues, requires massive investment in knowledge infrastructures; at stake is the future of scholarship.
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN 978-0-262-02856-1
Assuntos: Data processing | Information technology | Information storage | Retrieval systems | Cyberinfrastructure | Knowledge infrastructures
Veja também: Borgman, Christine L.
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